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Learning GIS Resources

GIS Cartography: A Guide to Effective Map Design

GIS Tutorial: Workbook for ArcView 9

GIS Tutorial for Health (Updated for Arcgis 9.3)

GIS Tutorial Updated for ArcGIS 9.2: Workbook for Arc View 9, 2nd Edition

GIS for the Urban Environment

Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach

GIS Tutorial for Marketing

Introducing Geographic Information Systems with ArcGIS: A Workbook Approach to Learning GIS

Right Livelihoods - Good for You, Good for the Planet

Welcome - The economy is in trouble and, I think, it will get worse, not better, for some time to come. Stimulus plans and recovery money don't trickle down to most of us. We need to create our own recovery plan. I'll begin with two fields, two home-based businesses that I have experience with. Return soon as I'll be adding more resources here for you over the next weeks and months.

Home Based Recycling and Gold Recovery

In the early 1980s I picked up a little booklet titled Surplus and Salvage. This booklet changed my life. I started in the recycling and salvage business doing building deconstruction and non-ferrous scrap metal recycling in mostly rural areas of California. I went on into the electronics and computer recycling and gold recovery fields as well as salvaging for alternative renewable energy systems.

You can learn from my experiences in the salvage, recycling and gold recovery businesses for free at RecyclingSecrets.com.

Free GIS Mapping Tutorial

More recently, while doing my salvage work as well, I became interested in GIS (geographic information system) digital mapping. I've done quite a bit in this field over the years. If interested, you can check some of this out at MapCruzin.com. I've done community based mapping, pollution mapping and all sorts of demographic mapping. GIS is always in demand by community groups, government at all levels and businesses. You can use it to improve your present job skills, begin a new career, or begin a home based profession GIS consulting practice.

At MapCruzin.com I've endeavored to provide the tools, resources, free data and the like that you need to get started in the business. I've provided a free tutorial to help you get started. Begin using the free Learn2Map GIS Tutorial and Atlas now.

Thanks, Good Luck and Best Regards,

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Recycling & Salvage Resources

An overview of recycling and treatment of scrap computers [An article from: Journal of Hazardous Materials]

Electronic waste: Waste legislation, Computer recycling, Digger gold, Green computing, Polychlorinated biphenyl, Retail hazardous waste, Basel Convention

Computers and the Environment: Understanding and Managing their Impacts (Eco-Efficiency in Industry and Science)

Reuse, recycle, rethink: a Texas-based computer monitor recycling company challenges established thinking on CRT reuse and recycling in the United States.(2007 ... An article from: Recycling Today

Computer Recycling for Education: How to Plan, Start-Up, Implement, and Operate a Successful Computer Recycling, Re-Engineering and Refurbishing Train

Going high-tech: recyclers use custom software to improve their services to their generating customers.(COMPUTER SOFTWARE): An article from: Recycling Today

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